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what is nextjs

Depending on your role in the company, you will be interested in different Next JS benefits which we can divide into three main categories:

  • Benefits for business
  • Benefits for marketing
  • Benefits for development

Let’s take a look at them separately.

Benefits of using Next.js for business

The ultimate goal of every business and its digital presence is to increase conversion rate, and consequently, sales. And one of the most important factors that have an impact on it is user experience. So the question is – how to make it truly unique and pleasant?

Yes, you guessed it – the answer is Next JS.

It gives you total freedom over the front-end layer, so you don’t have to limit yourself to any plugins, templates, or any other restrictions of the eCommerce platform or CMS you are working with.

Other business-related benefits of Next are:

  • Adaptability and responsiveness – websites and applications created with Next JS work on any device and adapt to any screen. Therefore, users can access your website or application with their favorite device.
  • Data security – the static site doesn’t directly connect to the database, dependencies, user data, or other sensitive information, making it perfectly safe.
  • Faster time to market – many ready-to-use components available with Next make building MVP much faster. This way, you can get feedback from real users quickly and make proper changes to your product without wasting time and budget.
  • Fully omnichannel – Next JS websites and web apps work on any device to be accessible to everyone.
  • Short page load time – Next JS websites are super-fast because they are static so visitors will be more than satisfied with the performance.
  • Support on demand – since Next JS is a React framework, it won’t be difficult to find another developer without a need of building everything from scratch once again.

Benefits of using Next.js for marketing

Marketing is strongly linked with business because when executed well, it helps companies not only to thrive but also to grow. And one of the ways to do that through marketing efforts is SEO efficiency and organic traffic growth.

Next JS is perfect for that because websites and applications created with Next JS are superfast. And you should already know that page load speed is one of the key SEO ranking factors. In other words, the faster the page is the bigger chances of ranking higher than slower sites.

However, the benefits of Next.js for marketing don’t end there so let’s sum them up: 

  1. Increased conversion rate – improved page load speed, rich user experience, and high accessibility means higher conversion. If the users are happy with the customer experience they get, they are more likely to come back later for more.
  2. Increased organic traffic – Next JS websites are super fast and easy to scan for robots and provide a great user experience. These three things – speed, structure, and UX – are important ranking factors and will make your website rank higher in search engines.
  3. Unique user experience – user experience is – together with speed – the most beneficial thing of using Next JS. Marketers love design freedom – especially in the eCommerce industry where many online stores look alike and creating a custom storefront is something that can truly differentiate their stores from competitors.

Benefits of using Next.js for development

Next JS comes with many features that translate into benefits – not only for business and marketing but also for the development process. The most important thing that developers love is reusable components. As for business, it cuts development costs. As for developers, it cuts development time.

However, there are more features that are helpful for developers. They especially enjoy:

  • Built-in CSS support – possibility to import CSS files from a JavaScript file.
  • Built-in Image Component and Automatic Image Optimization – this feature automatically optimizes images using the new next/image component
  • Fast Refresh – fast, live-editing experience. 
  • Hybrid of SSR and SSG – prerender pages at build time or request time in a single project.
  • Incremental Static Generation – allows developers to update existing pages by re-rendering them in the background as traffic comes in. This way, static content can become dynamic.
  • TypeScript support – automatic TypeScript configuration and compilation.
  • Zero Config – Next allows you to focus on the business logic of your Next js app instead of the application logic. And to help you, it provides automatic compilation and bundling. In other words, Next is optimized for production right from the start.

Another worth-mentioning benefit is community support – the number of Next JS contributors grows with its popularity which means that there are a lot of ready-to-go solutions to issues that developers may encounter during the development process.

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