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Redux to a Next JS App

Redux to a Next JS App

First set up your next js application Next we install the desired packages After that installation, create a redux folder in the root of your project, inside that folder add a types.js and store.js files, also add folders for actions and reducers. In the types file, lets add a single type; for setting the name […]

How to Create Objects In JavaScript?

How to Create Objects In JavaScript

In JavaScript, almost “everything” is an object. Booleans can be objects (if defined with the new keyword) Numbers can be objects (if defined with the new keyword) Strings can be objects (if defined with the new keyword) Dates are always objects Maths are always objects Regular expressions are always objects Arrays are always objects Functions are always objects Objects are always […]

HTML Forms

HTML forms

An HTML form is used to collect user input. The user input is most often sent to a server for processing The <form> element is a container for different types of input elements, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, submit buttons, etc. Action Attribute The action attribute defines the action to be performed when […]

Useful Property Combos In CSS

Circular shapes Overlap static elements Center content Fixed width columns Center stacked content Gradient outlines Handle long text Pseudo-elements 1. Circular shapes 2. Overlap static elements 3. Center content 4. Fixed width columns 5. Center stacked content 6. Gradient outlines 7. Handle long text 7. Pseudo-elements

How Frooti Become Success

How Frooti Become Success

Back in the 1980s, Parle Group Company Parle Agro was looking to enter the fruit beverage market. The company wanted to launch a mango as India’s love for mangoes was well known. The goal was to come up with a mango drink that would be available throughout the year and would satisfy Indian consumer’s craving […]

Top 8 UI/UX Tips

8 ui/ux tips

One typeface is all good Add contrast with an overlay Whitespace is your friend Make it easy as pie Give life into your copy Use list boxes Feedback Lose the ego 1. One typeface is all good 2. Add contrast with an overlay 3. Whitespace is your friend 4. Make it easy as pie 5. […]

Uses Of Different Types Image File

image file type use cases

This post is largely based on my opinion and personal experience. There will be many use cases I’ve missed out, but here are a few of them. An image is an artifact that depicts visual perception, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, that resembles a subject—usually, a physical object—and thus provides a depiction […]

Sliding Menu In React

Sliding Menu In React

In UI today, sliding menus are all the rage. These menus are basically off-screen elements that slide into view when you click or tap on something that looks like an arrow, a hamburger icon, or something else that indicates a menu will appear. I Am Using Styled Components

Benefits Of Next JS

what is nextjs

Depending on your role in the company, you will be interested in different Next JS benefits which we can divide into three main categories: Benefits for business Benefits for marketing Benefits for development Let’s take a look at them separately. Benefits of using Next.js for business The ultimate goal of every business and its digital […]

Navigator in JavaScript

navigator in javascript

The window.navigator object contains information about the visitor’s browser. Window Navigator The window.navigator object can be written without the window prefix. Browser Platform Browser Language Is The Browser Online? Warning !!! The information from the navigator object can often be misleading, and should not be used to detect browser versions because: Different browsers can use […]

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