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HTML Forms

HTML forms

An HTML form is used to collect user input. The user input is most often sent to a server for processing The <form> element is a container for different types of input elements, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, submit buttons, etc. Action Attribute The action attribute defines the action to be performed when […]

Best HTML Tips

html tips

In this article, I will share with you some very useful HTML tips. Let’s start! This is a Performance tip. You can use the loading=lazy attribute to defer the loading of the image until the user scrolls to them. Use the webp image format to make images smaller and boost the performance of your website. […]

Formatting Elements in HTML

html formatting tags

HTML Formatting is a process of formatting text for a better look and feel. HTML provides usability to format text without using CSS. There are many formatting tags in HTML. These tags are used to make text bold, italicized, or underlined. There are almost 14 options available that how text appears in HTML and XHTML. In […]

HTML Tags List

Html tags list

Let`s check HTML Tags List. A pretty much complete but still very basic list of HTML elements, with a focus on HTML5 and browser support. I am planning on putting in roughly a hundred hours into updating this page and related pages throughout this month. Updates will be happening just about every day Monday through Saturday. My […]

What is HTML?


What is HTML? Okay, so this is the only bit of mandatory theory. To begin to write HTML, it helps if you know what you are writing. HTML is the language in which most websites are written. HTML is used to create pages and make them functional. The code used to make them visually appealing is […]

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