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Redux to a Next JS App

Redux to a Next JS App

First set up your next js application Next we install the desired packages After that installation, create a redux folder in the root of your project, inside that folder add a types.js and store.js files, also add folders for actions and reducers. In the types file, lets add a single type; for setting the name […]

Benefits Of Next JS

what is nextjs

Depending on your role in the company, you will be interested in different Next JS benefits which we can divide into three main categories: Benefits for business Benefits for marketing Benefits for development Let’s take a look at them separately. Benefits of using Next.js for business The ultimate goal of every business and its digital […]

Next.js Features

next js fetures

With Next.js you get many things out of the box such as built-in routing, automatic code splitting and it will even decide whether your app can be statically rendered or needs to be rendered server-side on every request – all of this without any configuration. In fact, when creating a new React application I default […]

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

Protecting Routes from unauthenticated users is a crucial part of any app. In this blog, I’ll show you exactly how to do that with your NextJS pages using Higher-Order Components. There can be several ways of authenticating a user like using cookies or JWT tokens. I’ll be using JWT token as an example, where the accessToken is […]

What is Next.js?

what is nextjs

What is Next.js? Next.js is an open-source React front-end development web framework created by Vercel that enables functionality such as server-side rendering and generating static websites for React-based web applications. Introducing Next.js Next.js is a framework born in heaven. It ships with: Best SEO practices Caching and Automatic Static Optimization built-in Fully server-rendered pages 100% […]

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