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How Frooti Become Success
How Frooti Become Success

Back in the 1980s, Parle Group Company Parle Agro was looking to enter the fruit beverage market.

The company wanted to launch a mango as India’s love for mangoes was well known.

The goal was to come up with a mango drink that would be available throughout the year and would satisfy Indian consumer’s craving for mango beyond its season.

After a lot of planning and research Parle Agro finally launched its mango drink brand “Frooti” in 1985.

Frooti was launched in extremely innovative packaging. It was the first Tetra Pack packaged drink in India.

At that time, cold drinks were sold in glaos bottles which were to be returned after consumption.

Whereas Frooti was launched as a green, rectangular, convenient grab-and-go product. This was a very disruptive move.

Also, the company marketed Erooti very innovatively. At some places, Frooti packs were hung from trees and people could just pluck one and walk away!

Nobody in India had seen anything like that before, where you could punch a straw into the pack and walk away with it.

It was an instant hit among the kids too it could be easily carried to school in their backpacks.

Also its refreshing taste and reasonable price made it extremely popular all over India.

Parle Agro hired the famous advertising agency DaCunha Communications and spent aggressively on TV commercials to advertise Frooti.

Over the years, Frooti continued coming up with great marketing campaigns to strengthen its brand recall.

Frooti kept growing, innovating, and delighting consumers over the years. Today, it generates more than Rs 1500 Crores in sales annually.

After more than 35 years of its launch, it is still one of the best-selling beverage brands in India and the 2nd largest mango drink in the country!

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