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react js animation

React is a library for building user interfaces. For a React frontend developer, implementing animations on web pages is an integral part of your daily work, from animating text or images to complex 3D animations. Animations can help to improve the overall user experience while building a React application.

In this article, we’ll compare the top five React animation libraries and evaluate each for popularity, developer experience, readability, documentation, and bundle size to help you choose the right library for your next React project.

1. React-Spring

reactspring is a spring-physics based animation library that should cover most of your UI related animation needs


yarn add react-spring

2. Framer-Motion

Framer Motion is a production-ready React animation and gesture library.


yarn add framer-motion

3. React Transition Group

A set of components for managing component states (including mounting and unmounting) over time, specifically designed with animation in mind.


yarn add react-transition-group
React Transition Group

4. React GSAP

Get started using GSAP in React to build fast, powerful JavaScript animations that work everywhere.


yarn add react-gsap

5. React-Reveal

React Reveal is a high-performance animation library for React. It’s MIT licensed, has a small footprint, and written specifically for React in ES6.


yarn add react-reveal


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